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Susanna in Cork

The weekend Sus came to Cork
Cork, Ireland
16-18 November, 2007

Off to Cork for the weekend ...

It was a great feeling meeting one of my best friends in Heathrow and taking her back to where I’m from and where I grew up ... in fact for much of the weekend, I was also just like a tourist. So on the Thursday night, we headed back to Cork and over the three days we went to Blarney Castle which is literally down the road from my place and then off to Kinsale for lunch at Fishy Fish (recently named one of the best restaurants in the country).

Friday night’s highlight was a pub crawl from Scotts to The Old Oak, then some Italian food, then Soho and finally off to Rearden’s where there was some great live music. We also bumped into Liam and his friends there too! We had a late start on Saturday but we spent some time around the city centre - of course, we had a long lunch and then Saturday night, we met up with Dave, Dee, Lynda and Hugo in Luigi’s for a meal.

Sunday was a relaxing day with lunch at home with my parents and then calling to visitPaula and Aidan, followed by Dave/Dee and the kids.