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The Laurels

At long last, the laurels are planted
Woking, Surrey, UK
10 March, 2007

At long last, we've planted the front ... the sun was shining and David, Janice, Mike, Susanna and I headed off to the garden centres around Woking armed with some photos and ability to ask advice. First stop was Shires in Chobham and it was photinia Red Robin against laurels. Laurels won on cost and on speed of growth but they didn't have the twenty-five we needed to cover the entire wall length. Next stop was Johnsons Nursery in Chobham where we bought the 25 laurels and packed them into Dave's estate and Mike's Golf and arrived home with a fine selection.

Before too long, the holes were dug, the compost added and the laurels planted ... of course, we had the customary Bishopsgarth beer break ... in fact we had two!