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New Zealand

What an amazing place to visit and explore
North and South Islands, New Zealand
January, 2006

The second part of my Australia/New Zealand holiday started when I left Adelaide and headed to Auckland on 8 January 2006.

Having collected the car at the airport, I headed into the city and met up again with Susanna. Over the next fortnight, I had the pleasure of seeing some of the most amazing places and partaking in some fantastic and enjoyable adventures.

So come along for a tour of Auckland, racing an America's Cup yacht, abseiling down 100m into the Waitomo Lost World cave, underground caving ... and that's just the first three days! All of this was followed by a trip to the Maori and volcanic centre of the North Island - Rotorua where old and traditional met nature ... with some fast downhill excitement on a luge thrown in too.

Then off to the lovely, homely Wellington where I just relaxed and met up with Sushila and Ross. And finally, heading across the Marlborough Sound to Pickton and onto the beautiful Nelson to meet with John, Linda and Sam.

Enjoy! This is just a small part of New Zealand ...