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Curitiba, Brazil

A conference from work allowed me to see a small part of South America
Curitiba, Brazil
26-30 September, 2006

Off to Brazil

In September, I was asked to attend a three-day conference in Curitiba and immediately said yes as I’d never been to Brazil, let alone to South America. Even though it was arranged fairly quickly, I really enjoyed the trip. While most of the time, we were all couped up in a conference room in the hotel, I did manage to get to see a small part of the country.

Initially, I flew into Sao Paulo but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see the city as I needed to pick up a 45-minute connecting flight to Curitiba. Curitiba is in the southern Paraná province of Brazil bordered by Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay and is one of Brazil’s most wealthy cities. It’s very European in nature since so many German, Italian, Poles and Ukrainians settled there over the centuries and so it’s resulting infrastructure, business, education and transport facilities are very modern.

After work each day, we did visit some great restaurants - from BBQs to Italians to Arabian but also had a Brazil v. The Rest of the World go-kart racing evening (Brazil won!). On the last day, I did manage to spend a morning having a good look around and it was a very nice place to see and visit. It would have been nicer to have spent a few more days to really explore the area but perhaps next time ...